Events Calendar - 2019

February 22,Movie Night
March 24,Kids Worship Night
April 12,April 11th Last YAFE for Spiring
April 18,Maundy Thursday - Passover Meal
April 19,Special Event Good Friday
April 20,Easter Egg Hunt
April 27,Man Cave - Topgolf
May 14,Gospel Training
May 18,Church Picnic/Camping
June 7,June 7th Summer Event
June 13,Pool Party
June 15,Half Night Prayer
June 22,Women's Worship Night
June 27,Outdoor Trip
July 12,July 12th Summer Event
July 24,Kids Klub
July 25,Kids Klub
July 26,Kids klub
August 4,Special Potlock Dinner
August 9,August 9th Fall Sem - Guest Speaker
August 13,Gospel Testimony at the CIC Foyer
August 18,Auction Sunday
August 24 - 25,Church Annual Retreat
August 24,Church Annual Retreat Bible Quiz
August 25,Church Annual Retreat Bible Quiz
September 14,Women's Fund Raiser
October 12,Man Cave - Movie Night
October 17,Kid Mania
October 19,Fund Raiser Music Concert
October 26,Half Night Prayer
November 8,November 8th last YAFE
November 21,Thanksgiving Potluck
November 26,Gospel Testimony at the CIC Foyer
December 6,Christmas Carol Rounds
December 7,Christmas Carol Rounds
December 13,Christmas Carol Rounds
December 14,Christmas Carol Rounds
December 20,Christmas Carol Rounds
December 21,Christmas Carol Rounds
December 25,Christmas Day Program
December 31st - New Year Service