Crosspointe has become our home away from home
When we first arrived in Dallas, we only knew a handful of people. The city was a bit overwhelming and we saw churches everywhere we went. Iranian friends that we knew from India told us about Crosspointe Indian Church and we decided to check it out one afternoon. We found an intimate, thriving community of like-minded Indians and were welcomed with open arms. We felt so loved and genuinely cared for by every one especially Pastor Immanuel and Deepthi. Crosspointe has become our "home away from home". Everyone is like family - celebrating our son's first feeding and his first birthday with us! As parents, these are milestones in your child's life that you never forget so to have brothers and sisters surround us and share in these moments with us, was really special.
— Arun, Amy & Azariah Kumar, 03/10/2015
Wonderful example of what the body of Christ should be like
Hi, my name is Rachel and I am from a small farming community in Kansas. Several years ago God began to place a love for the people of India on my heart. At the time it seemed strange since I had never been to India nor did I know anyone from there. I knew though that God's desire is for his children to reach out to the lost, and there are many who are lost in India, so my goal became to figure out how to reach out to them. I moved to Texas in the Fall of 2014, to go to school at DTS. When I first decided to come to Crosspointe Indian Church my plan was to meet people from India, learn about their culture, and maybe learn a bit of one of the languages. God had much better things in mind. From the moment I walked in the door I was welcomed into the Crosspointe Church Family. Ever since they have been inviting me into their homes, feeding me delicious (and spicy!) food, and patiently explaining to and including me in different activities. They have taught me things that simply can't be learned in books, but must be experienced by living life with people. And most importantly they are a wonderful example of what the body of Christ should be like. Their love for God, for each other, and for the lost shines through in everything they say and do. I thought I was just coming to learn about India. Instead I found myself learning to love God more and also to love people from India more! I'm so very thankful for my wonderful family here at Crosspointe!
— Rachel Leuthold, 03/01/2015